Jealousy (or Anxiety Attack)

Been lost amidst anxiety 

this dark heavy ocean of everything

Filled with nothingness

Ghosts and ghouls of fears crawling underwater all throughout my skin

A water of heavy silent screams and intrusive thoughts 

Thousands upon thousands of lingering opressing feet hidden and found

Amongst worthless coins and submarine ruthless tides 

Impetuous as it crashes bones and tears flesh within the soul

I think of liberty when trying to reach out for you

But it catches me then the gurgling scraping sounds of my own fiends

And panicked, I rest forfeit and alone

Amongst other corpses of other times of empty days

Why can’t I have it

The patience and incredulity of time

Yet speeding through space

Until my fingertips will be able to touch impressions of you

As I remain shivering with no cold

Trembling with no reason

And breathing as heavy as the dead air could be.


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